About us

ARCH: Ayurved Research Copying House

ARCH: Ayurved Research Copying House Publication is a dedicated Publication house of Ayurveda. Arch Publication is exclusive deals with e-publications of Ayurveda. We are providing Open Research Portal AYURKOSH to Research Scholars of Ayurveda.

Some other Services Provided by us are as follows:

Indexing: Indexing Database Research Journal of Ayurveda.

E-Publication: Research Journals and e-books.

Developers: Development of Web applications, Smartphone Applications on Various platform viz. Android, ios, Windows etc.

Research Journal Developer:  We provided service to develop, host and maintain Research Journals

Plagiarism Check:  Plagiarism Checking paid service is available for Research Articles, M. D. , Ph. D. Thesis.

Statistical Analyser: We also providing paid service Statistical Analysis of your M. D. , Ph. D. Thesis.

Subject Suggestions:  For a Researcher Sometime it is  difficult to Choose which type of Research title and how the work will be done. We have expert advisors to give decisions in this field.

for Details Contact us: archpub33@gmail.com